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THE WAY OF SUCCESS: interview with Victor Manuel Vera

For the column THE WAY OF SUCCESS, Victor Manuel Vera, 3D Modeler in Framestore, and former student of the 3D Digital Production Course.

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February 10, 2022

For THE WAY OF SUCCESS column , we interview Victor Manuel Vera, 3D Modeler in Framestore, a former student of the Master 3D Digital Production program.

Hi Victor,

First of all, thank you for accepting our invitation for this interview and for wanting to share your experience with all our students. Let's start by talking about your path, when did you first realize that you wanted to work in this field?

I had been working at a graphic design studio for a year while simultaneously working as a chef at Gambero Rosso in Rome, but I was not happy, however much I had secure income and jobs that gave some professional satisfaction. I decided to get back into the game. I've always been a big fan of Pixar animation shorts and One Piece in particular. The passion for the latter in particular motivated me to the point where I wanted to "create" something with CG.

Why did you choose to study in Rainbow Academy?

Rainbow Academy is practically inside the largest and most recognized Animation Studio in Italy, Rainbow CGI. I thought it was a good idea to take classes directly from faculty with real experience of the professional CG production flow. During theOpen Day I also had the opportunity to tutor at the animation studio. I found great professionalism and passion in the school staff as well, and that convinced me completely. I simply decided to choose the best for me.

How did your career start and what is your role currently in the company?

After Rainbow Academy I moved to London, refined my studies and perfected my showreel. I started sending about 40 emails a day until I started as a freelancer at Ghost VFX in Denmark. At the time I was a chef at a restaurant and decided to drop everything to accept a two-week contract, later extended to a month.

Upon completion I decided to return to London where I resumed sending out CVs. At first I even accepted a job as a runner at Framestore. My professional career began thanks to a 3d render of "a Toaster." Thus I managed to get the 3D Modeler position, although initially with only a one-month contract. Itook another risk, but it worked out well because after 6 years I am still here and I am glad I made certain choices.

Is there a particular Artist you are inspired by in style or technique?

There are many colleagues whom I respect and to whom I owe much professionally. I certainly learned and perfected technique during my studies, but today I can say that I have no external source of artistic inspiration. A special mention I feel I should make to Scott Eaton and Daniele Angelozzi, who have accompanied me during my professional growth. And of course I continue to look at the work of all my former colleagues and teachers to continue to grow and perfect myself.

Based on your experience, what are the elements that you think are crucial in defining a successful character or setting that sticks in the viewer's memory?

I would say the feeling behind the realization. It's an abstract concept, but I find it in many successful CG characters/environments. From my point of view, the key is the character's story, adventures, and colors that set them apart from the crowd.

What are the latest projects you have worked on? Which one has left you with the fondest memories or the greatest satisfaction as a 3D Artist?

Among the latest official projects I can talk about are: Venom 2, The suicide squad, Tom and Jerry, Hobbs and Show, and many others, but the greatest satisfaction has left me with Paddington 2. I am very fond of this film, it is based on an English novella, which features a Peruvian teddy bear who reaches the UK. I am also Peruvian and I first came to Italy, then I landed in the UK and let's say I find myself very personally in the story and I think it was fate that brought me to be part of the team that made it.

What projects are you working on (if you can name them) or upcoming professional goals you would like to achieve?

I have 3 fantastic projects that I am currently working on, they will be coming out soon, but I cannot anticipate anything, as everything is still covered by trade secret. As professional goals, on the one hand I wanted to devote myself to teaching and to have become a lecturer of the Master 3D Digital Production 20, the same course I started from so many years ago is certainly a nice and exciting satisfaction. On the other hand, as a 3D Artist, I would like to continue to be a key asset within my company, to go on to finalize the goal of being a Supervisor. In the future, I would like to finally create my own VFX Team.

In your opinion, what characteristic should a 3D Artist never lack, artistically, technically and humanly?

Attitude, collaboration, support, dedication and passion must never be lacking. The tools to achieve the highest goals come with experience, so a touch of humility and patience also help. We live in a world full of people who are diverse in style and background, you have to be ready to relate to anyone and be able to empathize with everyone.

What is the message you feel you are sending to all those young people who want to approach this profession? What would you recommend and what would you not recommend?

Cultivate your passion and do not be influenced by what people tell you. Sometimes you will be labeled for something that does not even represent you. It is up to you to establish yourself as what you want to be and do. Don't give up at the first obstacles, be courageous and like the stone on the sling, know how to step back when necessary, remembering that that rubber band pulled back will gain you the momentum to go faster and safer in the direction you have chosen.

Thank you

Thank you.
See you soon!