2D Animation

The Master 2D Animation is a pathway for those who want to try their hand at the study of 2D Animation and professional Storyboard production

The Master of 2D Animation is a comprehensive course in 2D Animation with Toon Boom's in-house software Storyboard Pro and Harmony. There is also the option of attending either the Storyboard module or the Harmony module individually.
The goal of the 2D Animation course is to bring characters and stories to life, using 2D digital animation. Starting with the construction of the Storyboard, all production and realization stages up to the animatic will be performed. Image storytelling, framing, language and conventions will be addressed. Image composition and sequential storytelling will be studied. Finally, different styles and genres will be analyzed.

In the Harmony module, we start with the basics of animation and then move on to productively address the entire cycle that leads to the creation of a 2D animation.

By participating in this Master's program, you will obtain:

  • Rainbow Academy Certificate of Attendance

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2d animation

Course Objectives and Competencies

Personal portfolio production
Group project production
Production workflow management

Professional opportunities

Storyboard Artist
2D Animator

Instrumentation needed

Online attendance requires:
Computer, stable internet connection, headset with microphone, webcam and graphics tablet

Minimum PC Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 10 -- Processor: Intel Core i5 11th Gen or AMD Ryzen equivalent
Ram at least 32GB -- Minimum Video Card: Nvidia GTX 1660 or higher


High school diploma
Basic computer skills and excellent command of PC use
Knowledge of Photoshop
Portfolio presentation following orientation interview


  • Harmony
  • Storyboard Pro
Departure Course start Feb. 19, 2025 ・ 10 Places available
Duration 6 months - 150 hours
Frequency Wednesday - Friday ・ h: 10:00 - 13:00 Live streaming
Didactics Online
Cost 4,700 (including legal fees)
Single Storyboard Module Cost: €1,900 || Single Harmony Module Cost: €2,800

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Courses that are short in duration and cost less than €1,000 do not require funding.
Open days are not required for Zbrush and After Effects courses, just request information on the contact page about that course and request registration documents.

Enrollment procedure

1. Attend the Open Day

The first step is to attend the OPEN DAY. Reserve your spot

2. Support the interview

Afterwards, you will be able to take the one-on-one interview with those in charge of the Academy's Orientation Department.

3. Confirm your enrollment

You will be able to request enrollment documents from our secretary's office.

4. Choose the payment method

Choose the payment method you prefer: lump sum or installment. Learn more about how to apply for financing

Courses of short duration and costing less than €1,000 do not provide funding.

Educational Program

Introduction to Production

Introduction to the production process and preproduction

Storyboard Pro

Introduction to the software and creation of the first projects

Production stages

Panels, scenes and room

Creating an Animatic

Export methods: production and finalization of personal project

Toon Boom Harmony

Introduction to the software and proncipal tools

Drawing and digital brushes

Tools and application

Production stages

Camera, KeyFrame and Timeline

Perspective drawing

The Drawing Guides

Construction Rig for Animation

Rig construction for Animation, cut-out use of nodes and Hierarchies

Importing from Storyboard Pro

Video and image management


The effects and methods of exporting

Final Portfolio and Reel Production

The Showreel is the business card of any 2D graphic designer representing the best of his or her artistic and technical but also communicative skills to show to companies