Comprehensive and unique training paths

Rainbow Academy's master's degrees are intensive courses created for those who want to make their passion a job, from the world of 2D Computer Graphics to that of 3D.

An incredible and unique opportunity for those who want to enter the world of Computer Graphics, try to take their first steps guided and supported by professional and production management figures.

3d digital production

master Onsite / Online

3D Digital Production

The Master 3D Digital Production is the intensive professional training course in Computer Graphics, 3D Animation for Film and TV

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Course start September 11, 2024・ 18 places available

Digital VFX Production

master Online

Digital VFX Production

The Master Digital VFX Production is the 3D, Visual Effects and Compositing track in collaboration with 22Dogs

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Course start October 18, 2024・ 10 places available

master Onsite / Online

Game Assets

The Master Game Assets is the comprehensive path to becoming a Game Artist specializing in modeling and surfacing for Video Games

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Start of the course 23 October, 2024・ 15 Places available

unreal developer

master Onsite / Online

Unreal Developer

The Master Unreal Developer is the path for those who have programming basics and want to specialize in Unreal and C++

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Course start November 18, 2024・ 10 places available

master Onsite / Online

Game Production

The Master Game Production is the complete course for Video Game Production in all its phases, with a specific focus on game design and programming in C# with Unity

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Course start November 26, 2024・ 17 places available

2d animation

master Online

2D Animation

The Master 2D Animation is a pathway for those who want to try their hand at the study of 2D Animation and professional Storyboard production

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Course start February 19, 2025・ 10 places available

master Onsite / Online

Concept Art

The Concept Art Master's Program is the path for drawing enthusiasts who want to turn their passion into a job

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Course start September 10, 2024・ 18 places available

3D Architecture & Design

master Online

3D Architecture & Design

The Master of 3D Architecture and Design is an online course in 3D Modeling, Architectural Visualization and Photorealistic Rendering

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Course start October 28, 2024・ 8 places available

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If you are off-site and do not have the opportunity to be physically present at the Open Day you can participate in live streaming mode.

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