Rainbow Academy was established in 2011

Rainbow Academy was born in 2011 within the production studio of Rainbow CGI, from an idea of Iginio Straffi and Francesco Mastrofini. The academy's mission is to merge Training and Industry, International Experience and Production, Work and Passion. It is real experience that makes the difference, the teaching derived from years of international production work.

The goals

It is from the production experience of Italy's leading company CG that the technical and artistic skills useful to the insertion of students in any 3D and 2D reality in the world.

Acquiring the right production skills required by the film and animation industry requires a level of experience that can only come from veteran members of the industry.

At Rainbow Academy they all teach highly trained professionals with experience in manufacturing. Many of them are department supervisors, directors and artists who through their passion they provide students with experience and useful advice that makes all the difference.

"The only way to learn production is to make production."

The method

It is the Rainbow Academy method that thinks big and over the years has made a difference in the national and international training market. Simulating a real production workflow and learning procedures that streamline workflow and team workflow are essential qualities and skills that must necessarily be acquired to be placed in companies. Thus, one has a training environment that simulates work reality so as to facilitate entry into the world of work.
The difference between Rainbow Academy and other training realities thus lies in the method, the professional approach, and the teaching aimed not only at pure knowledge of tools and software, but above all at managing procedures. During the training courses you will apply the acquired skills every day under the direction and control of our Specialized Artists, who will make sure that the work is always up to professional standards.

We are


The Rainbow Group

Founded in Loreto in 1996 by Iginio Straffi, director, television and film producer, the Rainbow Group is divided into various branches related to the world of animation. In addition to the creation and production of cartoons, the Rainbow Group also handles the distribution and licensing of characters through a dedicated 360-degree media platform. Rainbow fully and directly manages all projects and activities: from concept to production, from broadcasting to licensing.

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Rainbow CGI

Rainbow CGI, founded in Rome in 2006 by Iginio Straffi and Francesco Mastrofini, is one of the largest European studios dedicated to 3D Animation television and film production. The team has well over 300 people divided into three departments: CG Animation, Visual Effects and Gaming.
Rainbow CGI produces animation serials for the international market, TV commercials, Visual Effects for cinema, proprietary Video Games and virtual reality applications.

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The Didactic approach of the courses is based on criteria related to production-work flows, so Rainbow Academy classes are conducted directly within the studio of production, as happens only in large companies. The constant commitment of the more than 50 teachers, selected among the best professionals in the field of animation, actually guarantees the high specialization of the courses, the constant updating of the teaching plan in line with the market and the demands of companies.

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The Team

The Rainbow Academy Team is composed of professionals who have been in the Computer Graphics industry for years and years. Starting with Rainbow CGI CEO Francesco Mastrofini, who has 20 years of experience in the industry. Our Art Director, on the other hand, is Vincenzo Nisco, Knight of Merit of the Republic who worked for over 15 years at Disney. The Educational Director of the 3D department is Diego Viezzoli, CG Supervisor in Rainbow CGI, who has worked for major international companies such as Framestore and MPC.

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