Success stories

From Rainbow Academy toward the Dream Come True.

Rainbow Academy holds a 90 percent placement for its students, who within a year of finishing the Master's program find jobs in their field. This is because they train artists 2.0, capable from the very beginning of being of fundamental importance to the companies that hire them, thanks to the Academy's method of study.

Learn about the success stories of our former students who now work for Rockstar, Ubisoft, Disney, Apple and many other top national and international companies.

Simone Iannuzzi

Character Lighting Lead @Walt Disney Animaton Studios - attended. 3D Digital Production

Simone Iannuzzi attended the Master 3D Digital Production in 2014, his career began in the Lighting department in Rainbow CGI and ARX Anima. Then he flies direction Bardel, until his arrival in Sony Pictures Imageworks. In 2019 he moves to Mainframe Studios, where he becomes Supervisor of the Lighting department. In 2023 he lands at Walt Disney Animation Studios, as Character Lighting Lead.


Mattia Giannuario

Material Artist @Rockstar Games - attended. Game Assets

Mattia Giannuario attended in 2019-2020 the first edition
of the Master in Game Assets, after an internship as a 3D Environment Artist and Modeler for Rainbow CGI, he worked almost two years in Gucci as a Digital Material Artist, until arriving today in the very important office in Edinburgh of Rockstar Games, where he works as an Associate Material Artist.