The ZBrush course is a specialized course for those who want to learn how to model and sculpt a character

The Zbrush Course is a comprehensive course covering Pixologic's software for learning digital modeling and sculpting. The educational program covers through hands-on sessions all the most important aspects of ZBrush, from the interface to the different production modes and techniques for creating a complete character that can be used in various professional fields.

What is also unique about this software is that it can be used for both 2D Still and 3D Character Design

By participating in this Master's program, you will obtain:

  • Rainbow Academy Certificate of Attendance

The course will be entirely Online in Live Streaming
Rainbow Academy will not release the software

Course Objectives and Competencies

Production workflow management
Personal portfolio production

Instrumentation needed

Online attendance requires:
Computer, stable Internet connection, headset with microphone, webcam and graphics tablet.

Minimum PC Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 10 -- Processor: Intel Core i7 11th Gen or AMD Ryzen equivalent
Ram at least 32GB -- Minimum Video Card: Nvidia RTX 3050 or higher

The use of MAC is not recommended.


Basic computer skills and excellent command of pc use
Knowledge of at least one 3D software between Maya, 3Ds Max and Blender
Good knowledge of Photoshop


  • Zbrush
Departure Course start October 22, 2024 ・ Places available
Duration 30 hours
Frequency Tuesday - Thursday ・ h: 18:00 - 20:00
Didactics Online
Cost € 690 (including statutory charges)

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Courses that are short in duration and cost less than €1,000 do not require funding.
Open days are not required for Zbrush and After Effects courses, just request information on the contact page about that course and request registration documents.

Enrollment procedure

1. Attend the Open Day

The first step is to attend the OPEN DAY. Reserve your spot

2. Support the interview

Afterwards, you will be able to take the one-on-one interview with those in charge of the Academy's Orientation Department.

3. Confirm your enrollment

You will be able to request enrollment documents from our secretary's office.

4. Choose the payment method

Choose the payment method you prefer: lump sum or installment. Learn more about how to apply for financing

Courses of short duration and costing less than €1,000 do not provide funding.

Educational Program

Introduction to ZBrush

Interface and main software tools


Concept import and analysis

Sculpt Rough

Basics of sculpting

Hair and fur modeling


Props and Accessories

ZBrush for Hard surface

Polypaint and Texture Map

Workflow management of this module


Main concepts

Final Delivery

Final delivery of Character