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Rainbow Academy's Open Days include a detailed presentation of our educational offerings and programs. In order to enroll in one of our Master's programs, you will need to attend the relevant Open Day and have a non-binding orientation interview. Thestart time is 2:30 p.m. and it is possible to attend either in-house or online. For those who will attend it on site, it will not be possible to have chaperones. More info in the Faq

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Rainbow Academy's Open Days are orientation meetings where you can which you can get to know firsthand the educational and professional reality of our Academy and our staff.

No, only those interested in Rainbow Academy's enrollments and NO chaperones will be allowed to participate.

Rainbow Academy holds one every week, selecting your course of interest in the tab will allow you to choose from the available dates month by month.

The duration is 2 hours. The event is structured and organized in such a way as to include an initial reception phase, a presentation of the training offerings, an overview of the company structure, presentation of the venue, equipment and in detail all the training offerings, costs and registration procedures.

Beginning at 2:30 p.m., you can come to the Academy or come into Zoom, for those attending online, 15 minutes earlier.

The orientation interview is essential in order to guide you best toward an informed choice in the Masters and Courses we offer. It is not binding on enrollment, but it is important to make you clearer ideas about your possible future in Computer Graphics.

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