3D Architecture Advanced

The 3D Architecture Advanced course is an advanced course for those who want to specialize in Advanced 3D Modeling techniques with 3DS Max, V Ray and Marvelous Designer

The 3D Architecture Advanced Course is a specialized course for architects, students and professionals in 3D architectural visualization who, having a basic knowledge of 3D Studio Max and polygonal modeling, are interested in specializing in advanced 3D modeling techniques and want to manage photorealistic rendering to its full potential in V-Ray.
The curriculum includes 3D Modeling for Architecture and Design, composition and complete management of an architectural scene and still life of a complex furniture object.

3D Architecture Advanced

Instrumentation needed

Online attendance requires:
Computer, stable internet connection, headset with microphone, webcam and graphics tablet

Minimum PC Requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 10 -- Processor: Intel Core i7 11th Gen or AMD Ryzen equivalent
Ram at least 32GB -- Minimum Video Card: Nvidia RTX 3050 or higher

The use of MAC is not recommended.


Basic computer skills and excellent command of PC use
Portfolio with own work
Personal orientation interview


  • 3ds Max
  • V-Ray
  • Marvelous Designer
Departure Course starts June 27, 2024 ・ 5 places available
Duration 1 month
Frequency Monday and Friday h: 9:00 - 12:00 ・ | Thursday h: 15:30 - 18:30
Didactics Online
Cost 1,200 (including statutory charges)

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Courses that are short in duration and cost less than €1,000 do not require funding.
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Enrollment procedure

1. Attend the Open Day

The first step is to attend the OPEN DAY. Reserve your spot

2. Support the interview

Afterwards, you will be able to take the one-on-one interview with those in charge of the Academy's Orientation Department.

3. Confirm your enrollment

You will be able to request enrollment documents from our secretary's office.

4. Choose the payment method

Choose the payment method you prefer: lump sum or installment. Learn more about how to apply for financing

Courses of short duration and costing less than €1,000 do not provide funding.

Educational Program

3D Studio Max

Advanced Mdellation

Marvelous Designer

Creating textiles for export to 3D Studio Max


Advanced rendering

Final Portfolio Production

Realization of the Final Portfolio