Corporate Courses

Customized Training Paths for Companies


Rainbow Academy, for years, has been offering customized training paths for companies, with the goal of meeting the unique needs of your team by providing a tailored learning experience that integrates seamlessly with your company's challenges and pace of growth. The goal is to create training paths that reflect the skills required by your industry, ensuring practical and immediately applicable learning.


Active courses

| Intro and Level Design on Unreal

| After Effects

| VR and AR for Museums

| Introduction to Digital Architecture and Rendering

| Advanced Compositing

| Advanced Animation

All software taught


1. Tailored Consulting

We work with you to understand your specific needs and set customized training goals for your team.

2. Expert Lecturers

Our team of experienced and qualified instructors will guide your team through the course, offering high-level support and expertise.

3. Operational Flexibility

We adapt corporate course scheduling to meet your company's needs, ensuring seamless training and minimizing the impact on daily operations.

4. Evaluation and Monitoring

We regularly conduct evaluations to ensure that learning objectives are being met and adjust training paths accordingly.