We are happy and proud to announce that we have won our battle!

Following yesterday’s meeting aimed to the definition of the needs of Departments and companies of professional formation such as our Academy, the Lazio Region responded positively, issuing a new Directive dated 28/05/2020 n.Z00043, which allows to re-start professional formation activities starting from June 3rd.

Since it is also possible to move from Region to Region starting from June 3rd, and in order to let our students adapt to the change and the non-residential attendees to return to Rome, Rainbow Academy will officially re-start its on-site formation activities starting from Jun 8th 2020, in accordance with the modalities and indications that will be communicated by the Didactic Management.

All students are allowed to continue attending the course online, if necessary.


VWe want to share with all of you our enormous satisfaction for this important result, which we have helped achieve actively participating in the formation of CO.R.SA, the Roman Committe of Art Schools, which has been involved in a direct and constant confrontation with the institutions.


A fruitful and constructive dialogue that has led to two important victories: for the first time “Art Schools” have been officially recognised as a formation category and their specific need of on-site formation has also been acknolwedged.

In the last few months, Rainbow Academy has been working on a series of initiatives to be ready to safely host its students in the classrooms.

Indeed, despite the re-opening being official, there will be new rules and new areas to share and manage, for the effective safety of the students

This new unexpected situation requires the implementation of new measures, and students will find our premises properly set up.

We are looking forward to seeing you again face to face!



You can read the Directive on the Lazio Region website.