3D Digital Production

The Master 3D Digital Production is the intensive professional training course in Computer Graphics, 3D Animation for Film and TV

The Master of 3D Digital Production is a complete course that trains 3D Artist for the world of full CGI animation, film and TV.
The course involves the realization of all production phases, starting from modeling, managing the care of texturing and shading of materials, the complete rigging of the character and props, to the animation, the study of Visual Effects and dynamics also with the use of Houdini, the development of lighting rendering and the finalization in post-production in digital compositing with Nuke.

This Master of 3D Digital Production allows each student to find his or her own way in the world of Computer Graphics; in fact, by studying the entire production workflow you will be able to understand which department of specialization is closest to your aptitude

By participating in this Master's program, you will obtain:

  • Rainbow Academy Certificate of Attendance
  • Autodesk Certification
  • Chaos Group Certification

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3d digital production

Course Objectives and Competencies

Realization of a complete animation shot Personal portfolio production
Group project production
Production workflow management

Professional opportunities

3D Artist Generalist - portfolio specialization in: Modeler, Surface Artist, Rigger, Animator, VFX Artist, Lighter, Compositor for full CG Animation

Instrumentation needed

A PC must also be owned at home for attendance.
Minimum PC requirements: Microsoft® Windows® 10 -- Processor: Intel Core i7 11th Gen or AMD Ryzen equivalent
Ram at least 32GB -- Minimum Video Card: Nvidia RTX 3050/3060 or higher
MAC use is not recommended
For Online attendance: stable internet connection, headset with microphone, graphics tablet and webcam.


High school diploma
Basic computer skills and excellent command of PC use. Basic knowledge of Photoshop (interface, masks and layers)
Maximum age 35 years


  • Maya
  • Mudbox
  • Photoshop
  • Nuke
  • V-Ray
  • DaVinci
  • Houdini


Included in the tuition are workshops in Zbrush, Substance Painter, Python and Motion Capture

Departure Course start September 11, 2024 ・ 18 Places available
Duration 9 months - 1072 hours
Frequency Monday through Friday ・ h: 9:00 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. + mandatory afternoon production
Didactics Onsite / Online
Cost 10,500 (including legal fees)

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Courses that are short in duration and cost less than €1,000 do not require funding.
Open days are not required for Zbrush and After Effects courses, just request information on the contact page about that course and request registration documents.

Enrollment procedure

1. Attend the Open Day

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2. Support the interview

Afterwards, you will be able to take the one-on-one interview with those in charge of the Academy's Orientation Department.

3. Confirm your enrollment

You will be able to request enrollment documents from our secretary's office.

4. Choose the payment method

Choose the payment method you prefer: lump sum or installment. Learn more about how to apply for financing

Courses of short duration and costing less than €1,000 do not provide funding.


3D Digital Production

Educational Program

Production Workflow and Introduction to Maya

Basics for understanding the process and the rules that guide it. The first props will begin to be produced with Maya

Modeling Environment and Character

With Maya you will begin to produce the environments, objects, and characters that will make up the scene

Surfacing Environment and Character

Texturing and shading of the most common materials, you recreate with the help of V-Ray the main materials existing in nature


Through the use of Xgen for fiber and hair, work is done to achieve greater realism


We address the construction of the complete character rig, from skeletonization to skinning to allow movement of objects and characters

Layout and Animation

Study of the 3D rooms of directing and acting characters on stage

Visual Effect

Dedicated module on incorporating VFX into the animated shot and dedicated exercises with both Maya and Houdini

Lighting and Rendering

The main lighting tools in Maya and V-Ray are covered. Starting with the main lights, we will cover various types of lighting: outdoor, indoor, and how to light effects


Introduction to Nuke software and its capabilities. Finalization of the animation shot and CG post-production will be covered.

Advanced Workshops

Insight into software such as Zbrush and Substance Painter, but also Programming Basics in Python, and Mocap workshops


Weeks of intense teamwork between main content and shot content. We simulate production with a common goal, working as a team and always giving our best

Final Portfolio and Reel Production

The Showreel is any 3D graphic designer's business card that represents the best of his or her artistic and technical but also communicative skills to show companies