Good morning to all the students of Rainbow Academy.

In order to continue our courses after the COVID-19 restrictions, Rainbow Academy is happy to announce the launch of our new platform for online lessons. Despite the academy’s many years of experience in the provision of online courses, we have tried to implement the services and performance of our platform. We are fully aware of the importance of giving our students the formation and services they expect from us, uninterruptedly and without compromise.

In spite of the clear difficulties created by the COVID-19 restrictions, being our Academy mostly based on technology, we have managed to move our classes online, with virtual sessions and revisions. Not knowing when everything is going to return to normal, with the students in a real class, we are glad to come from a digitally-savvy environment and we are confident Rainbow Academy will keep meeting your expectations, without compromising the quality of the courses.

In accordance with the Ministerial Decree (DPCM) dated April 26th 2020, which does not allow to attend courses in presence in any type of school, Rainbow Academy is moving all its 2020 courses online.

This change, taking place on 10th March 2020, will last until passing of a new bill that allows the reopening of schools.

Rainbow Academy’s online courses are designed to recreate the experiences lived in our classes. Rainbow Academy is working on a series of services to supply our students with everything they need and to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We hope that all our effort and all the measures we are going to undertake in this period can be proof of the academy’s care and dedication to its students, as distance must not hinder their learning experience.

Rainbow Academy believes this is the only responsible way to ensure the continuity of our courses and a high level of training of our students under such circumstances.

Furthermore, as Francesco Mastrofini, CEO and Academy Director, has repeatedly told our students, Rainbow Academy is and always will be fully committed to making the institutions understand the specific and unique nature of the world of professional formation and the importance of a prompt reopening of schools.

Even if we can’t predict the future, we can definitely assure all our students and their families that we are trying our best to devise a way to return in presence as soon as possible.



Many initiatives have been implemented to provide support to our students during this complex time:

Equipment loan: after a thorough process of analysis, evaluation and delivery, academy students have had the chance, since day one of the pandemic, to receive IT equipment on loan from Rainbow Academy’s hardware inventory.


Production consultancy: the school offers a service of virtual, telephonic and Whatsapp consultancy to those students who need advise on organizational and production issues or some extra know-how.


Learning resources: students can access their lessons and didactic material directly from home.

Implementation of Tutoring service: with the aim of improving and broadening the services available to our students, Rainbow Academy has appointed Davide Ciferri as responsible for remote assistance of all the 3D courses, and Leonardo Radicioni as responsible for assistance of all the programming and Real-time departments.
Tutors are available from Monday to Friday – their timetable changes depending on the Masters they oversee.

One-to-One personal academic support: Discord Tutor and Rainbow Academy’s server are at our students’ disposal. Furthermore, the WhatsApp groups related to each single Master host many faculty members from all didactic programs.


General Assistance and Remote technical support: in case of need, Rainbow Academy provides its students with remote assistance on private PCs. And it also offers assistance and upgrade to implement their connections.


Software Licenses: Rainbow Academy also provides for preparatory software apps.

Streaming events: the events and activities of the community have moved online, yet they haven’t slowed down. Rainbow Academy keeps offering its community a variety of streaming presentations and events designed to inspire and form its students.

Features and In-depth Analysis: the feature The Way to Success is already a reality of our Blog – a series of interviews with former students and professionals. Furthermore, Rainbow Academy is going to organize some in-depth analysis sessions with internationally-renowned professionals to add even more technical and artistic value to our didactic offer.

Information Sessions and on-line Open Day: our new weekly virtual information sessions for prospective students provide for a complete overview of the academic offer of Rainbow Academy and of the many possible career paths for future digital artists.

You can visit the Open Day page of our website for more information.


Companies are still looking for new talents! The studios are taking a better look at our students’ reels and ArtStation pages, interviewing, sending artistic tests and hiring our former students even from remote. Our Placement Office has been informed that several students of ours have landed a job in the past few weeks.

Our management is also busy running sessions and lessons aimed at making portfolios and reels and at making professional use of social networks. Furthermore, our collaborations with other national realities guarantee a broad professional network with large movie production companies.

While our production office is mostly working with freshly or soon-to-be graduated students, all our students can feel free to come forward with their questions on the industry, on their reels and on how to present themselves. Contact them whenever you want!


Enrolments to our full time programmes have seen no slowdown. It is possible to attend all our master courses either online or in presence. Our Orientation experts are always available to provide for free consultancy over the phone, Skype or WhatsApp to help our students identify and outline customized formation paths.