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In accordance with the Ministerial decree issued on 9th March 2020, related to the Covid-19 emergency, Rainbow Academy has suspended all its on-site activities until 3rd April.
n the wonderful atmosphere of the “Isola del Cinema”, on the Isola Tiberina in the heart of Rome, Rainbow Academy holds a free lesson for all the passionates of videogames who want to have a full-immersion experience [...]
Rainbow Academy expands its education offering with the launch of a new Master in 2D Animation.
This course aims to provide students and cinema fans, but also directors and film-makers, with the basic tools and techniques of Stop Motion animation.
On the wonderful Isola Tiberina, in the centre of Rome, right next to the Church of St. Bartholomew, Rainbow Academy presents its annual Motion Capture workshop run by Director Diego Viezzoli.
As part of the exhibition “15 years of Magix” at Milan's WOW Spazio Fumetto, Rainbow Academy and Rainbow CGI Animation Sutdios are happy to hold a free Masterclass, taking place on 11th May at 2.30pm
For our feature “Getting to Know Rainbow Academy’s Students”, we interview Carlo Bernardini, the Character Artist who made “The Crow Jaws” mask. A dark-fantasy mask which has been created, modelled and 3D p [...]
We are going to be present at Lucca Comics and Games with a free Masterclass: “The creation of a 3D character: from design to animation movies, the rules and secrets of a successful character artist”, by Lino Masciul [...]
The art of Rigging consists in building and preparing 3D characters and objects for animation. Michele Boldoni is Rigging Supervisor at Rainbow CGI and a long-standing teacher at Rainbow Academy. The world of 3D is rathe [...]